SAP Monitoring solution -
Data from the heart in real time.

Keep an eye on your SAP environments at all times, whether large or small. SAP Monitoring ensures the smooth operation of systems, databases, processes and applications. With a single, centralized solution. It analyzes data in real time 24/7, directly from the source, including Java and SAP HANA database monitoring. This enables you to prevent malfunctions before they occur and increase SAP system availability. This saves time, money and capacity.

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Smart solution for SAP systems through preconfigured sensors.

The software integrates already configured SAP-specific sensors. They contain a lot of experience from many SAP projects with the best solution approach. It'll save you a lot of time. Manual checks and tedious troubleshooting are no longer necessary. The solution can be adapted to your specific needs at any time and is therefore very flexible. Our development department is continuously working on new sensors, which will be available to you with updates. In-depth basic knowledge forms the basis for customer- and requirement-specific developments.

  • Preconfigured sensors.
  • Flexible solution.
  • Saves time and effort.

Benefit from SAP expertise.

The development of the sensors is based on our many years of experience. You benefit from the in-depth expertise of SAP experts. This guarantees you an immense knowledge of which threshold values are important for facilitating daily SAP operations. Become a SAP Basis professional yourself with this solution.

  • SAP expertise.
  • Years of experience.
  • Practical orientation.

Faster data gathering from the heart
of your SAP system using RFC technology.

The current performance data of the SAP system and the database is accessed directly and agentless. Thus, the displayed values always correspond to real time. You no longer have to rely on guesswork. Furthermore, the greatest possible platform and release independence is given.

  • Direct access.
  • Values in real time.
  • Platform and release independence.

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One solution, everything in view.

With sensors from itesys and PRTG from Paessler, you have the entire IT landscape, i.e. SAP systems, databases and infrastructure centrally in one monitoring system. One glance at the dashboard suffices.

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Easy installation.

The installation is agent-free and can be carried out easily and independently thanks to the installer with installation instructions. Immediately after the quick set-up, the query values are visible in the monitoring.

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24/7 Live status information.

Visualization of the current monitoring status information in the dashboard. The adjustable layout can be customized, and additional systems can be monitored and shared.

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Flexible notifications.

Selected recipients are automatically notified. For example, by e-mail push message, by SMS and much more. The notifications can be set individually and flexibly according to your needs and schedules.

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Individual reporting.

Customizable reports to compare your specific monitoring data over particular time frames. Recognition of dependencies and elimination of error sources.

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Scalable fair licensing.

You can test the full version free of charge for 30 days before purchasing. The transparent pricing model is based on the number of sensors and includes a license and maintenance fee. An upgrade is possible at any time.

“With this solution, we found the best of SAP System Monitoring and SAP HANA Database Monitoring and, in addition to that, SAP Basis Support and PRTG Remote Support.”

Andreas Gafner
Head of SAP Technology, BLS AG

“We now have the real-time system information we really need, right down to the transaction codes. Batch processes and SAP jobs are now fully under control.”

Heinz Rolli
Head of IT Development, ESA

“We save two hours a day and have more time for other projects. With around 320 sensors, we constantly monitor our databases and all the important processes and can react immediately.”

Christian Baum
Team Leader, Business Applications, Model AG

“itesys convinced us with the strategic alignment of its SAP Basis services to the healthcare sector. This also includes data storage in its own Swiss data center, including SAP monitoring.”

Alfo Belgeri
Head of Information Technology, Tertianum Management AG






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