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Schicken Sie uns Ihre Idee und wir prüfen, ob wir es umsetzen können.

In Arbeit

NEW SAP bgRFC Sensor - monitor queues

To monitor the status and number of inbound and outbound queues

NEW SAP Job log sensor - monitor job logs

To search SAP job logs for specific keywords

NEW Scansor framework upgrade - SNC connection / 64Bit

To establish a SNC connection to SAP systems if necessary & provide Scansor as 64 Bit version

UPDATE SAP Dump Monitor - dump details

Showing dump details in sensor text

NEW SAP Application Log Sensor - monitor SLG1

To display the amount of errors per report in application log (SLG1)

UPDATE SAP IDM Monitor - new channels

Additional channels like errors in job log, provisioning queue entries and more

In Planung

NEW SAP Cloud solutions integration - monitor SAP cloud systems

To monitor systems running in different SAP cloud solutions like Successfactors

UPDATE MaxDB Monitor – active sessions

New channel with the count of active sessions

In Zukunft

UPDATE SAP J2EE sensor - license check

To monitor the validity of the SAP license